Our tradition of bringing someone a token of our love for them is in our tradition
The traditional wine bottle, bouquet of flowers, ornate corkscrew is thoughtful but predictable. These are not always appreciated so why not go for something a bit more creative.
Sure, okay, but what you may ask ? Well, why not try something a little more unique like small design items for the home of a foodie who has almost everything . Well, So Original is proud to present Ernesto of Barcelona kitchen and design items, which are each more interesting than the other.
Made from recycled wood, aluminium, and other materials, each one has a story to tell and supports a humanitarian cause somewhere in the world . All of these stand out as being out of the ordinary Ernesto of Barcelona is a designer brand which firmly believes in the use of ecological processes for its creations. Ernesto of Barcelona believes in recycling materials to protect earth’s natural resources. This key chain collection is made in the Philippines with recycled materials (resins, aluminium and metal). Aiming towards a better world, Ernesto de Barcelona has introduced a direct employment program which provides decent wages for its artisans. The Philippines are the twelfth most populated country in the world with 33% of its population living in poverty. Ernesto’s of Barcelona employment program contributes to its artisans’ sense of empowerment and has changed their lives.