After acheiving a Bachelors degree in management, Julie Bessette then completed specialized courses in fashion design at the “Institut Supérieur de Design et de Mode” and quickly enhanced her artistic side as well as her entrepreneurial skills.  She opened a small, friendly café-boutique called Café Mosaïk in Montreal while pursuing her career as an artist/fashion designer. After achieving success with both those businesses, she decided to embark on the trip of a life time as she became a mother. With her partner,  she sold everything and moved to Thailand, India, Tibet and Bali with their 2 years old son.

It is in Bali where Julie, surrounded by local artists, launched her first fashion accessory collection which she called Samsara Concept, an exotic blend of sophisticated and functional line of handbags and belts.

The diverse and unique experiences Julie acquired while traveling and living abroad for some 5 years, combined with her sense of global consciousness and her continual search for the well-being of body, mind and spirit, all played a role in broadening the essence of her work.

She now presents a line of jewellery that is inspired by the idea of the talisman and she is transferring her search for wisdom, harmony and aesthetic into the fashion adornments she creates.