Fouta - 100% Coton Égyptien - Grain de Café


Fait en Tunisie avec amour

Parfait pour plusieurs occassions, escape plage, pic-nic, voilier, foulard...vous serez comblé!

Une nouvelle serviette Fouta en relief dont le tissage s’inspire du grain de café. Originale et authentique cette nouvelle fouta est unie et ultra polyvalente. A utiliser à la maison comme en voyage , au spa elle saura vous rendre service tout au long de vos activités.

Tissage : en relief, grain de café.

In the 14th century, a Berber explorer would have discovered the fouta in India. At that time, the woven material was worn as a garment. Subsequently, North Africa adopted it and Tunisia, more particularly, extended its use even in hammams.

Having two qualities highly sought after; absorbent and dry quickly while being lightweight, Foutas make a travel product par excellence! In recent years, the Fouta has charmed many consumers and has become an essential and popular accessory that adapts to our modern lifestyle.

Whether at the beach, in the park, in the bedroom, or in the living room, the Fouta, made in the traditional way in combed Egyptian cotton, will bring a touch of refinement and exoticism to your daily life. To try it is to adopt it! Discover the fouta, the fashionable ethnic accessory that you will not be able to do without!

Matière : 100% coton

Dimension : 1m x2m

Poids : 0.380gr

Conseil d’entretien :lavage programme délicat, pas de sécheuse.

Preservation de lartisanat du patrimoine

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